Vinyl Liners
Winter Safety Covers

Pool Fit - What to Know:
  1. Filtration: Running Correctly
  2. Water Health & Clarity
  3. Chemical Usage: What & When
  4. Cleaning & Maintenance Weekly
  5.  Letting Pool Breathe
  6. Keep Leaves & Debris Skimmed Out
  7. Use Scumballs In Skimmer
  8. Don't Put Several Chemicals All In At Once
  9. Don't Add Chemicals When Swimming
  10. Most Of All: SWIM! It's Good For Your Pool

 Budget Fit - Tips For You
  1. We Are 4 You
  2. Watch Out! Products Are Not All The Same
  3. Less Is More...This Is Always True
  4. Let Us Help You Stay On Track
  5. We Will Keep Problems Away
  6. We Want Your Expenses To Be Low
  7. Don't Add Random Things To Water
  8. Be Diligent On Maintenance
  9. Get Water Tested Weekly (By Us!)
  10. We Guarantee You Will Have A Successful Season

 U Fit - Things To Do
  1. Protect Your Skin
  2. Swim As Often As Possible
  3. Relax Outside
  4. Enjoy Nature's Music...It's A Free Symphony
  5. Read
  6. Water Is Therapy To Your Mind
  7. Eat Outside...It's Fun
  8. Enjoy Your Family